Bericht met foto’s uit Sri Lanka

Op maandag 31 augustus 2009 kregen wij bericht uit Sri Lanka. Tevens werden er foto’s meegestuurd van kinderen in nieuwe voetbalkleding.

Dear Nika Lanka,

The Sukitha children join in conveying our sincere thanks and appreciation for the assistance extended for the welfare of the children sheltered at the Sukitha Home in Galpatha

We especially wish to thank you for the donation of football kits to clubs and schools. I have already distributed the remaining football kits to school teams in the town and suburb areas. The children were extremely delighted to receive the football kits, which will be quite useful to them.

For your information, I am attaching herewith photographs taken at the distribution of the football kits. Please share it with the donors.

We wish you good health and success in life.


Thanks & best regards.

Sepala F. Perera