email van de president van het Sukitha Centrum

Dear Ronald and Gre
I received your e mail and promptly I sent a massege to your mobile.Thank you very much.

I thank you and Gre for enomous help you extended to Sukitha Children Home and Vocational Training Centre. We use the pressure guns for cleaning and sawing machines are used by the girls at Horana all the Stationeries . With boards and other eqvipments you bought for the Special school are very helpfull for the smooth runing of the school. I wish to build the other part of the retaining wall you built within few months. Wish to convert the school garden very beautiful and we are planing to dig and clean the eannel and wsiden the bridge. Once again we thank you for all the donation you made during the past few years and being so friendly and kind to our children.
Wish you good health and long life
Looking forward to See you next year.

Yours Sincerely
Sepala Perera
Sukitha Welfare Society